Several of our card holders are RFID safe.

But what does that mean?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

NFC (Near Field Communication)

These are two different technologies for transferring data between the transmitter (the cards) and the receiver (the reader).

Thus, with a reader, an unauthorized person can remotely scan someone else's card / chip and collect data while it is in the pocket. The cardholder is completely unaware of this and can be exposed to defamation with the payment card, get rid of his values on the bus / train card or drop in any unauthorized person at work via a cloned pass card. It does not require such advanced equipment to implement this, a reader and the right application in a smartphone can be enough.

An RFID / NFC secure wallet or card holder prevents this by not allowing a scanning signal to be sent through the wallet material. Either it is aluminum that protects or inserts RFID blocker inside the wallet.

Most of your cards are already equipped with the new Tex technology. VISA, MASTER Card, etc., (Swedish payment system works to fully implement contactless payment or so-called "Scan payment")

 Don't chance!

Protect your personal information and prevent ID hijacking and fraud