1895 Of Scandinavia


1895 Of Scandinavia has been a project since spring 2013. With a great interest in watches, the idea was born of an own watchmark.

How difficult can it be to start your own brand in the watch industry ?? It turned out that it was much more difficult than we first thought.

Of course, you can look for first-best manufacturers and log in at the clock, but finding a manufacturer and supplier that matched our high demands and expectations was anything but easy.

After about 1 year of different contacts and samples of the same disappointment every time the watches were absolutely not, we basically gave up and let the project on ice. To put our log on products we could not stand behind to 100% was never an option.

But after returning 100's of mail back and forth, we found a manufacturer in the middle of 2015 that was well-known and at the time of proof of arrival at the clock, it turned out we had finally found a manufacturer to match our expectations at all levels and In 2016, the production of the watches began.


Something that has happened since the first thought was born is 16 or 16:00. Most brands have time markings for 12 hours time system ie 1-12 and I immediately knew that something that would stand out was to use a clock from 24 hours time system.

Then just wonder what time would be the unique feature of a watch from 1895 Of Scandinavia. The election was at 16 o'clock as it is time for most people to have a special connection to te.x is at 16:00 the time when most Swedes finish there job.